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Id Logo Company Job Title Job Functions Job Industry Published Date
1 Travel Indochina RESERVATIONS OFFICER Others Tourism 17-04-2014
2 H.I.S. Lao Travel Pte Ltd Accountant Accounting Tourism 17-04-2014
3 Room to Read Program Operations Director Others NGO 17-04-2014
4 Room to Read Literacy Director Others NGO 17-04-2014
5 MAG OPERATIONS SUPPORT OFFICER Others International Organization 17-04-2014
6 Mekong River Commission Programme Officer Others NGO 17-04-2014
7 Mekong River Commission Water Utilisation Specialist (Re-announcement) Others NGO 17-04-2014
8 Mekong River Commission Drought and Climate Change Expert (Extension Announcement) Others NGO 17-04-2014
9 UNFPA National Consultancy Mechanic/Technician UN 17-04-2014
10 UNFPA International Consultancy Mechanic/Technician UN 17-04-2014
11 GIZ Office Vientiane Junior financial literacy Advisor Others International Organization 12-04-2014
12 GIZ Office Vientiane Junior Microfinance Trainer Others International Organization 12-04-2014
13 GIZ Office Vientiane Junior Advisor for Microfinance Capacity Development Others International Organization 12-04-2014
14 PT Sole Company Limited ພະນັກງານຕັດ ແກນແຮ່ (Core Cutting Officer) Others Others 11-04-2014
15 Maybank Lao IT EXECUTIVE IT Others 11-04-2014
16 Maybank Lao CREDIT PROCESSING CLERK Others Banking 11-04-2014
17 Maybank Lao CHIEF CASHIER Others Banking 11-04-2014
18 Maybank Lao BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT EXECUTIVE Others Banking 11-04-2014
19 Maybank Lao ACCOUNTING & FINANCE REPORTING EXECUTIVE Accounting Banking 11-04-2014
20 Thai Samsung Electronics co., ltd Trade Marketing Executive Sales/Marketing Electric 11-04-2014
21 Thai Samsung Electronics co., ltd Product Marketing Executive Sales/Marketing Electric 11-04-2014
22 Thai Samsung Electronics co., ltd Marketing Communication Executive Sales/Marketing Electric 11-04-2014
23 Thai Samsung Electronics co., ltd Channel Management Executive Manager Electric 11-04-2014
24 Toyota Boshoku Lao Co., Ltd. Quality Control Supervisor Others Manufacturing 10-04-2014
25 Lao Tobacco Limited (LTL) Machine Operators Others Manufacturing 10-04-2014
26 Lao Tobacco Limited (LTL) hift Leader/Production Supervisor Others Manufacturing 10-04-2014
27 Lao Tobacco Limited (LTL) Supply Chain Specialist Others Manufacturing 10-04-2014
28 Lao Tobacco Limited (LTL) Warehouse Supervisor Others Manufacturing 10-04-2014
29 Lao Tobacco Limited (LTL) Human Resources Manager for Manufacturing Human Resource Manufacturing 10-04-2014
30 Lao Tobacco Limited (LTL) Brand Manager Manager Manufacturing 10-04-2014
31 Lao Tobacco Limited (LTL) ພະນັກງານສົ່ງເສີມການຂາຍ Sales/Marketing Manufacturing 10-04-2014
32 Lao Tobacco Limited (LTL) Trade Marketing Executive Sales/Marketing Manufacturing 10-04-2014
33 Lao Tobacco Limited (LTL) Area sales Manager Sales/Marketing Manufacturing 10-04-2014
34 Lao Tobacco Limited (LTL) Head of Marketing Sales/Marketing Manufacturing 10-04-2014
35 WISE CONCETTI (Vnlocalize) LTD Linguist (English – Laos) Others Professional Services/Consultancy 10-04-2014
36 KWE-Kintetsu World Express (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. Customer Service Officer Others Others 10-04-2014
37 GfK Retail and Technology (Thailand) Ltd. Account Manager Accounting Others 10-04-2014
38 Travel Indochina ACCOUNTS PAYABLE OFFICER Accounting Tourism 10-04-2014
39 Indochina Development Partners Lao (IDPLAO) Accountant Accounting Others 10-04-2014
40 XE-PIAN XE-NAMNOY POWER COMPANY LIMITED Agriculture (Crop) Officer Others Energy 10-04-2014
41 XE-PIAN XE-NAMNOY POWER COMPANY LIMITED Primary Health Care Officer Others Energy 10-04-2014
42 XE-PIAN XE-NAMNOY POWER COMPANY LIMITED Livestock Officer Others Energy 10-04-2014
43 XE-PIAN XE-NAMNOY POWER COMPANY LIMITED Consultant Officer Others Energy 10-04-2014
44 XE-PIAN XE-NAMNOY POWER COMPANY LIMITED Education Section Leader Others Energy 10-04-2014
45 Oxfam Inclusion Project Manager Manager Others 10-04-2014
46 XE-PIAN XE-NAMNOY POWER COMPANY LIMITED Senior Mechanical Engineer Engineering Energy 10-04-2014
47 XE-PIAN XE-NAMNOY POWER COMPANY LIMITED Watershed Management Supervisor Manager Energy 10-04-2014
48 XE-PIAN XE-NAMNOY POWER COMPANY LIMITED Environmental Manager Manager Energy 10-04-2014
49 GIZ Office Vientiane Consultant Required Others International Organization 10-04-2014
50 Xayaburi Power Company Limited Shipping Officer Others Energy 10-04-2014
51 Other Ways Laos Accountant Accounting Tourism 10-04-2014
52 Top Value Service Labour Market Information System (LMIS) Sales/Marketing Professional Services/Consultancy 10-04-2014
53 Nam Ngiep 1 Power Company Limited “NNP1PC” Junior Civil Engineer for Road, Civil Structure and Architecture Others Energy 10-04-2014
54 MAG The Provincial Program Manager (PPM) Manager International Organization 10-04-2014
55 Millennium Golden Link (Laos) Secretary Office Administration/Secretary Professional Services/Consultancy 10-04-2014
56 Millennium Golden Link (Laos) Receptionist Receptionist Others 10-04-2014
57 Millennium Golden Link (Laos) Settlements Officer Others Professional Services/Consultancy 10-04-2014
58 Millennium Golden Link (Laos) Marketing Officer Sales/Marketing Professional Services/Consultancy 10-04-2014
59 Millennium Golden Link (Laos) Human Resource Officer Human Resource Professional Services/Consultancy 10-04-2014
60 Lao Industrial Resources Sole co., LTD Quality manager Manager Industrial 10-04-2014
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