EQHO Communication Lao Co., Ltd.

(Name In Lao)ບໍລິສັດ ເອ໊ກໂຄ່ ຄອມມິວນິເຄຊັ່ນ ລາວຈຳກັດ (Name In English) EQHO Communications Lao Ltd.

What We Do

EQHO offers a range of translation and localization services designed to help you create professional documents and manuals in virtually any document publishing application and target language with the same integrity as your original product.

Software – IT and EQHO has been delivering large scale, multi discipline localization projects as well as ongoing, regular patch ups and updates. Website translation and localization services for ecommerce that will help to drive customer acquisition and improve website conversion.

Elearning localization and EQHO has helped some of the largest corporations, E-publishers and digital learning developers successfully roll-out global training programs.

EQHO’s Video and multimedia team has nearly two decades of experience delivering localized multimedia content across 50 languages.

Our Products and Services

Translation performed by our in house or large pool of freelance content based linguists. Editing of translations to ensure accuracy, consistency, style, spelling and grammar carried out by a team of highly experienced editors. Copyediting to improve the final formatting, style and accuracy prior to the final proofreading of any document or website.

Interpreting services provided by our small team of experienced interpreters who have the necessary skills to converse and ultimately convey the intention and feeling of the source speaker.

Video and multimedia and to engage with an audience which enables us to speak directly to people on a more personal level whether it be for training, OHS, corporate communications or marketing.

Why work with us?

Latest industry standard translation tools and technology backed by our in country Project Management team. Large pool of content based resources within Laos and worldwide, covering 50 language pairs and specializing in Asian languages.

ISO certified workflows supported by the EQHO group in Singapore and Bangkok. EQHO is one of Asia’s leading independent localization firms. Having now translated well in excess of 200 million words, today we work with some of the world’s most influential companies and with some of the best human talent available in the region


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